Forms Of Paint Protection To Protect Your Car Paint

Vehicles are prone to accidents and sometimes these are minor. But even the minor accidents can cost you a fortune by ruining the paint of your vehicle. Getting a paint job done to the vehicle is always really expensive and this can also reduce the values of a vehicle. The factory paint job is always admired and appreciated.

But still if your vehicle paint has got damaged and you want to take care of it to make your vehicle look like new again, then you need to be aware of the different forms of paint protection so that you don’t have to spend a lot. Here come the details of the forms:

1.Clear coat: This form of paint protection is the clear answer of how it is possible to protect the vehicle paint from getting scratches. This is a spray paint and it works like the second paint layer for any vehicle due to the clear nature. In fact, this product works as paint with no coloring, although in some cases it may cause some properties, which can help to preserve the stained paint of vehicle beneath, like as the UV protection.

While some of the vehicles come with a single stage paint that is basically a vehicle paint merged with the protective enamel, most of the trucks and cars have two layers of paint protection, which are a color base and therefore a clear coat as another layer on the color.

Like the vehicle paint type, the clear coat can also get damaged with the use of corrosive chemicals and scratches and nicks. In this case, clear coat spray paint is often used to repair the protective outer layer in the damaged areas. This step is therefore continued by applying paint sealant that is quite similar to an amped-up car wax. Though these sealants are offered by the vehicle paint dealers, but one can also apply these at home quite easily.

2.Paint protection film: Though the thin wax and paint layers can create some amount of car paint protection, but some thicker barriers are needed to prevent the scratches seriously. Use of the paint protection film is considered to be one of the effective and most common methods of this. This film is basically a thin layer of some clear material, often with the maximum thickness of one to several millimeters. It is mainly used to smooth out almost any stretch of surface on the vehicle while working as a shield against the grit, flying debris, chemicals, sand and other types of vehicle paint destroying elements. The main aim of using this type of film is to protect the high impact areas of the vehicles where the vehicle paint is mostly prone to come into contact with different types of flying projectiles.

Common areas where these films are applied include: the bed, the leading edge of hood, the bumper, major spaces on the vehicle door like opening, handle sill and edge and the wheel flare and rocker panel.

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