Avoid Overheating With T-rex Grilles

Even though your vehicle has a radiator system that is designed to keep it cool in the summer heat, it still needs additional help, and this is where the grille comes in. When in motion, a car or truck’s engine has countless parts working together to keep you on the go. These parts cause friction, which also causes heat. As such, a grille is cut into the front part of your auto’s frame to intake air and pass it through the engine. Factory grilles are boring, which is why many drivers upgrade to T-rex grilles.

Turn Up the Heat

Many experts say that, on average, an automobile motor gets to 200-plus degrees Fahrenheit. That’s hot! In fact, you can cook food on your car’s engine, although that’s probably not recommended. Your radiator system works hard to prevent the motor from overheating, and as long as you maintain it properly, it’ll do its job. Still, it can only do so much, especially if you live in an area where the summers reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

This is why those slats are cut into the front of your car or truck. You might also notice additional openings in the front bumper. As mentioned above, these serve to draw air through your engine, helping the radiator to keep everything cooler. It’s a natural fan, so to speak, that works with your vehicle’s electric fan. Two separate T-rex grilles can be cut for both openings, and these are designed specifically to blow more air over your radiator and engine.

They Don’t Just Cool

Your front grilles don’t just cool, they also prevent road debris from entering your engine compartment and damaging precious parts. How these grilles are designed is to draw air in through layered slats that, in essence, create a solid front cover. Because the slats are layered, the air can get through but road debris can’t. This also helps to keep your engine cleaner, which will make it run cooler, as less dirt and grime builds up on the working components.

Some Things to Consider

If your vehicle’s original grille is damaged or cracked, you might think this is a repair that can wait, but it isn’t. If the front opening’s function is impaired in any way, you might find your engine running hotter than normal. This causes your oil to lose its viscosity, which can damage expensive internal parts very quickly. It also places extra burden on your radiator system, and if this system fails, you could be looking at damage as extreme as a cracked exhaust manifold.

It isn’t worth the risk to ignore an old grille. This implement is more than aesthetic. Cracks that let debris in can do as much harm as overheating. If a large enough stone or tire piece slips through the opening and hits your engine at a high enough speed, it could rip a hole in your radiator among other serious damage. You need a solid grille. Peruse the T-rex grilles available on Trexbillet.com today. You’ll find an affordable replacement that will boost your vehicle’s operation and sex appeal.

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